Tethered swimming aka stationary swimming is a great way to get the health benefits of swimming without turns. If you are not proficient at turns, you are not getting a good, uninterrupted swimming workout. The use of a tether gives you the experience and excellent workout of an open water swim.

There are generally two types of tethers. There are tethers that attach to your feet and those that attached to the waist with belt. Those that attached with to the feet makes it harder to kick. Even those that attach at the waist can interfere with your position and swimming technique unless they attach to a pole. The pole allows for higher attachment and a better swim.

Tethered Swimming Tips

  1. Attach the tether high outside of the pool
  2. Mix up your strokes for a better workout of muscle groups
  3. Use a snorkel to help you breath
  4. Break up your workout into shorter session of various strokes or pool exercises
  5. Vary the effort within your workout

Swimming tethers are great for people with small to medium size pools or spas. Swimming is a great exercise for those with back or knee injuries where impact exercises are painful. Use a tether with resistance can give you a total body workout when mixing up your exercises.

BowSwim takes tethered swimming to the next level with it’s patented design. BowSwim comes with a high strength carbon-fiber pole that is much stronger than other swimming systems. This pole can be mounted on the pool deck or to a ladder/handrail. The height of the pole prevents cord interference and provides resistance to give you twice the swim in half the time.

BowSwim’s adjustable cord gives you the right body positioning for any body height or pool size. This adjustable cord also allow you to do varies exercises to target your legs, arms, abs, and more. It is safe for all ages and skill levels and has been used to teach a person to swim.

BOWSWIM® Resistance Swimming System Set

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