I have to say, I love my bowswim!

I have to say, I love my bowswim! It’s become an integral part of my swim training and has already had a notable impact on my times. Awesome!
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Rick Yazwinski

Love it! What a great way to cross train.

The resistance swimming allows you to get in a great workout without spending alot of time. I love to swim, but do not like to have to turn around once you get to the other end of the pool. This product allows you to swim at your pace without the interruptions of making the turn at the end of the pool. Enjoy your swim!

Finally enjoying the pool for more than just play!

Swimming is marvelous exercise. It doesn’t take medical training to realize that swimming is fantastic exercise for people of all ages: no pounding or grinding on the joints – fit and sedentary, old and young, thin and fat alike can swim – swimming works the whole body, building muscle, burning fat, exercising the heart I recommend swimming for patients with old arthritic knees and backs and such.
I myself love to swim in the wide open space of lakes. A small family-sized recreational pool at home is great for relaxing and splashing with the kids, but home pools always disappointed me because I couldn’t use them for exercise swimming. I am no longer disappointed. Bowswim makes real swimming immediately possible and enjoyable. Just like the pictures and videos show, bowswim comfortably and effectively supports me at the waist so that I can swim naturally for as long as I want despite having a small pool.
I considered the Endless Pool approach, but that involved tremendous expense, no support, no local no-how, electric power near the pool, and it all scared me away. I heard about bowswim from a local pool company, found it on the web, and was thrilled that it perfectly gives me what I was hoping for, a real swimming experience. I may get old and have to stop running, but I hope to swim for many years here at home. Bowswim gives the chance to do so.
Joshua MD, Binghamton

Best Swimming Training Device.

Bowswim is an elegant solution to an old problem: How does a serious swimmer get a decent workout in a small pool? As an open water swimmer, I was skeptical that the natural action of gliding and lift that you experience, as you move through the water, would be possible in a stationary position. It’s an amazing product! Tension against the tether cord causes the body to lift much in the same way it experiences lift by passing through water. The only sensory difference is that because the swimmer is not moving, you feel more resistance, as you pull your arms through the stroke.

The effect is similar to the workout you get with webbed gloves used in strength training. The benefit is the same. The simple design is ideal for travel. The telescoping rod allows the case to fit in the overhead compartment on flights. The quality components ensure durability and long life. I have been using the system for three years, and it still works and looks like new! I have only had to replace the belt, which fastens with a Velcro strap that will wear with use. Otherwise this is a lifetime investment in good health. It is far superior to anything I was doing in the gym on standard equipment, because as any swimmer knows… Swimming is the best full body workout.

Excellent Swimming Tool!

We have this installed.It is very easy to use. I have to lose weight quick, and this is helping me do it. Eating less helps too, lol. But this Bowswim is much better than my treadmill, and affects my whole body. Best yet, I am outside in the sun exercising, and feel great!
Mark, Michigan

Jan’s Knee surgery, Swimming with Bowswim

I’ve been a Bond Wellness Center member for 15 years. I never used the pools before 2013 because I didn’t know how to swim. Bernadette, a BWC personal trainer and Steve, a BWC aquatic specialist, introduced me to the Bowswim the day it was installed (Sept 2013). I was 59 years old and I wanted to increase my lung capacity and knee strength in preparation for my knee surgery. I couldn’t walk or do any floor exercises due to my knee pain.

I felt safe learning how to swim on the Bowswim because I knew something was holding me up and I wouldn’t sink to the bottom of the pool. I began training 10 minutes at a time, 4 – 5 times a week. Steve helped to fine tune my swimming technique. At home, I watched videos online. I slowly increased my workouts to 15 – 20 minutes.

After my surgery in November of 2013, I had to wait 3 weeks for my sutures to heal. I started swimming on the Bowswim again 4 – 5 days a week. I worked with Steve again and increased my swim time to 30 minutes.

I had to have surgery again, 6 months later. I couldn’t walk. Swimming in the water didn’t hurt, so I kept swimming on the Bowswim. I had my second surgery in May 2014. I waited 3 weeks and went back to the Bowswim, 4 – 5 days a week. A couple of months went by and one day I entered the pool area to find someone using my Bowswim!

I had to use the swim jets. I had never used the swim jets before but this forced me to try. I had gained enough strength and confidence swimming on the Bowswim that I wasn’t afraid to now swim without the tether. Now I find that not only can I swim, I can swim harder. I’ve gained so much confidence in my swimming ability (that I developed using the Bowswim) that this is the first summer that I will swim in a lake!