Triathlon Training

Triathletes have plenty of training venues for the running and biking legs of the triathlon. Unfortunately, training for the swimming leg is more difficult. If the triathlete doesn’t live near a large body of water, they are forced to train in a pool. Pool training with flip turns doesn’t mimic the persistent freestyle open water swim of the triathlon. This less effective training makes the swimming leg the weakest leg for a triathlete. That’s where Bowswim can give a triathlete an advantage.

Bowswim Triathlon Training

Bowswim’s Resistance Swimming System is a flexible, tethered swimming device designed to mimic open water swimming. This system eliminates the need for pool flip turns and allows for long distance swimming in a pool. It also provides resistance giving you twice the swim in half the time. With the clamp, the triathlete can take the system to any pool and attach it to a pool ladder or handrail.

Tri-Athletes marvel at Bowswims’s efficient Swim Training Without Turns workout. The comfortable, custom fit and flexibility of our belt, the degree of FLEX built into the pole, and the science of a nylon tether with tether adjuster combine to provide surprisingly intense workouts, and increased endurance.

Just the Facts: U.S.M.S. Review 

Utah State University Research Study

“…the Bowswim is an effective device for training the cardio-respiratory system in swimmers”…
Aerobic capacity and propulsive forces during freestyle swimming using the Bowswim® by Dr. Eadric Bressel, Utah State University.