Are you a larger person and afraid BowSwim would not work for you? Well BowSwim works for larger people by use of an adjustable belt and its high strength carbon-fiber pole. Just look at the email we recently received from a customer that had those same concerns.

Customer Testimonial Email

Hi Randy,

Spoke to you about a year ago regarding bowswim system. I’m 6’2” & range 270+/- and was worried too big for system (ordered with large belt…more than adequate)

Have been using it for a year now & it’s working great! Utilize the clamp on pool stair handle (per PE friend who said would be fine…preferable to drilling into tiles).

Just saying thank you for taking my call and producing a great product that performs as advertised.


Mike M

BowSwim Quality

From the U.S. Masters Swimming Review, which appeared in their magazine Swimmer

“Testers noticed the high quality of all the Bowswim components… The “simple is better” approach has resulted in a product that will provide a lasting piece of training equipment that anyone from a water-aerobics enthusiast to a highly competitive swimmer can use.

Editor’s Note: Two similar products from another manufacturer were tested alongside the Bowswim. The other manufacturer withdrew them from the process after testers broke both of them within seconds of swimming against them. In one case, a tester sustained a minor injury when the product snapped under pressure. ”

So BowSwim works for larger people and is a great way to exercise to lose weight. Swimming works the entire body, builds muscle, burns fat, and is good for the cardiovascular system. The resistance of the system will give a twice the swim in half the time.

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