Are you thinking about purchasing an endless pool? Do your homework. Endless pools are expensive to purchase and maintain. You may want to consider an endless pool alternative.

Endless Pools are reported to cost around $30,000. That’s a lot of money for a piece of exercise equipment. You can get a really nice inground pool for that amount and an endless pool alternative such as the Bowswim Resistance Swimming System.

If you already have a pool, don’t the spend the money on a swim spa for exercise. For less than $300, you could purchase BowSwim and get twice the swim in half the time right in your own pool.

BowSwim’s tethered swimming system allows for stationary swimming right in your pool. The resistance gives you a better swimming workout than an endless pool or regular swimming. In addition, you can workout other parts of your body with customized exercises.

See what Olympic Champion Cathy Turner has to say about BowSwim.

BowSwim is an inexpensive way to get a complete workout in your pool. With the use of the ladder clamp, you can take your BowSwim to any pool. So if you are travelling for work or going on vacation, you can still get the same workout as you get in your own pool.

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