Cat H. is triathlete and experienced the challenges of training for the swimming leg of a triathlon. Cat solved those challenges with BowSwim. Here’s a triathlete on BowSwim and how it solved triathlon training challenges.

“I love my BowSwim and I love the service it comes with. As an age group triathlete I’m always looking for innovative and efficient ways to get my training in. Swimming always seems to be the biggest challenge whether it’s trying to find a pool, waiting for an open lane, or navigating Mother Nature’s rip tides, red tides or the other challenges of open water.

BowSwim solves all of those challenges while allowing me to use my own pool right at home. My pool on my own schedule – doesn’t get better than that! I get in a great workout and because of its unique design, I can do any of the four main strokes and perform drills too.

I’ve been using my BowSwim for almost two years and consider it a valuable tool in my training arsenal! I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the service that comes with the BowSwim. Not only did Randy help us with the installation when we bought it two years ago, but when I accidentally broke the zipper on its carrying case just recently, he happily replaced it – two years later!! Whether you are an athlete or just looking for a good workout, I would highly recommend this product and this company!”

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