During the winter, people tend to be less active. The weather is cold and most pools are shutdown for the winter. In the north, snow and ice make it difficult to walk, jog, or bicycle. This reduced activity and other factors tend to result in winter weight gain. We can help. Let’s look at the other reasons for winter weight gain and how to use BowSwim for weight loss.

Winter Weight Gain Factors

In addition to less activity in the winter, here are some other factors that contribute to winter weight gain.

  • Too much sleep
  • Colder weather
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Holiday meals
  • Holiday drinking
  • Holiday office treats
  • Seasonal specialty coffee drinks
  • Eating more comfort foods

BowSwim for Weight Loss

So you packed on some extra pounds over the winter. If you have a heated pool, now is the time for BowSwim. BowSwim is not just a swimming device, it’s an aquatic workout for all parts of your body.

Anybody can use Bowswim. You can come up with your own exercises. That’s what I have done. I have my own system, my own workout. I have a whole leg workout the I designed just for me. Heck I can work my thighs, the back of my legs. I can work my abs. There’s a whole ab workout I can do. And my arms, my chest, my triceps. Gosh it doesn’t get any better than that. BowSwim rocks!

Olympic Champion & Certified Fitness Expert Cathy Turner

BowSwim is an easy, fun way to lose weight. Who doesn’t like hanging out in the pool? Now you can have pool fun and exercise for weight loss at the same time. Due to the resistance of BowSwim, you will burn more calories than regular swimming and have flexibility to create a workout for your entire body.

Resistance Swimming System

Still too cold for your unheated pool, you can get prepared for warmer weather by getting BowSwim now and installing the deck plate so you will be ready. You can even get a head start by investing in a wetsuit to keep you warm in the pool. Invest in the Ladder Clamp and take BowSwim with you to a heated or indoor pool. Learn more at bowswim.com.

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