Swimming is a great exercise. It works out your entire body and provides cardiovascular benefits. Since it is low impact, pool exercise is great for people with conditions that prohibit land-based exercise. While swimming is a great exercise, resistance swimming is even better.

While competitive swimmers want to reduce resistance with bodyline, suit, cap, goggles, and body hair removal to increase speed, they add resistance during practice to increase strength. For the non-competitive swimmer, the same is true. Adding resistance will increase the intensity of your swim taking your pool workout to the next level.

There are several ways to implement resistance. Any type of stationary swimming devices will add some level of resistance. Endless pools provide resistance through its jets but are very expensive to purchase and maintain. You may want to check out some endless pool alternatives such as tethered swimming devices, resistance bands, paddles, gloves, pull buoy, drag suits, etc. The difference between these methods is the amount of resistance they deliver and their ease of use.

There are several tethered swimming devices on the market. Some of them just keep you stationary while you swim. Others can interfere with your kicking making it difficult to swim. BowSwim Resistance Swimming System does not have this problem. The system with it’s carbon fiber pole not only provides resistance, it pulls you back providing even more resistance. It also allows the swimmer to lunge forward which is not possible with other stationary swimming systems. This design gives you twice the swim in half the time.

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