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Swim Better, Smarter & More Efficiently

Resistance training with BOWSWIM® provides significant benefits to your health and well-being. Swimming and water exercise tones and strengthens the body, reduces stress, increases energy, and accrues long term cardiovascular benefits.

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Chiropractor Recommended

Dr. Charlton “Chuck” A. Woosley, D.C.
Team Chiropractor for the Tennessee Titans on the BowSwim® Resistance Swimming System…

Recently I came across a remarkable device that has become a part of my home prescribed rehabilitation program. Swimming has always been highly rated as one of the most beneficial therapies for rehab. I have been practicing chiropractic medicine for 35 years, you might say I am a veteran of this business. I am always looking to improve and build on new methods to benefit my patients. When I strapped on the bowswim and gave it a whirl I immediately felt it’s benefit for low back pain sufferers.

I have expensive equipment in my office that doesn't accomplish what the bowswim can do for the lower back. Strapped in correctly, the bowswim offers axial rotatory decompression. What I mean by that is as you swim away from the anchored pole you elongate and slightly rotate your spine back and forth while gently reducing the pressure within the spinal discs. As the vertebrae are separated, pressure is reduced within the disc (intradiscal pressure) until a vacuum is formed. The vacuum “sucks” the gelatinous center of the disc back inside, thereby reducing the disc bulge or herniation.
The benefit doesn't stop there. While elongating the spine you are building and facilitating your core muscles. Strengthening of the core muscles combined with decompression induces motor learning in the brain, activating the smaller stabilizing and core muscles, which are weak in almost every low back pain patient.

Specific Achievable Differences

Tri-Athletes marvel at BOWSWIM®’s efficient Swim Training Without Turns workout. The comfortable, custom fit and flexibility of our belt, the degree of FLEX built into the pole, and the science of a nylon tether with tether adjuster combine to provide surprisingly intense workouts, and increased endurance.

Just the Facts: U.S.M.S. Review | University Study


BOWSWIM® Works Just About Anywhere!

Portable & Adjustable

The BOWSWIM® pole telescopes from 21½ inches to 72 inches, making it the only truly portable device of its’ kind.

BOWSWIM® is the only system offering “Variable Custom Lift” with the added benefits horizontal water exercise brings to fitness and rehabilitation.

BOWSWIM® Adjusts To You!

Bowswim Tether Adjuster creates Variable Custom Lift for horizontal alignment during workout

The BOWSWIM® Tether Adjuster’s ability to maintain the body in a nearly horizontal position is changing the nature of water exercise. We suggest users achieve a horizontal position in the water, and engage in a routine of upper and lower body exercises.

bowswim workout in a swim-spa

If your pool or spa is at least 10 feet long and 3 ½ feet deep, BOWSWIM®’s revolutionary technologies can transform your pool or swim spa to a nearly stress free, impact free training environment.

Add the optional BOWSWIM® Ladder Clamp to your system, and never miss a workout.

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Act now to get a BowSwim® set in your choice of colors + a FREE Ladder Clamp: $269.00!

Bowswim rod is available in 3 colors

Available in BowSwim® Blue, Breast Cancer Pink & Graphite Grey

Training, Cross‑Training

BOWSWIM® technology is being used by coaches, trainers, and athletes to enhance training, and elevate peak performance. BOWSWIM®’s strength and durability allows levels of resistance training previously unattainable.


BOWSWIM® is used by healthcare and physical therapy professionals to improve range of motion, strength and balance. The horizontal support, unique to BOWSWIM® allows full body therapy without fear of injury often experienced in land based therapy programs.

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Valerie Davis, Lead Aquatic Specialist at The Bond Wellness Center at Monadnock Community Hospital, in Peterborough, New Hampshire recommends BOWSWIM® training and rehabilitation. Valerie’s patient Jan reports “I didn’t know how to swim. I was 59 years old and I wanted to increase my lung capacity and knee strength…” Read Jan's Testimonial